London Escorts with Perfect Bodies

The title of the hottest escort can be quite polarizing, to say the least. London escorts come in all shapes, shades, and sizes, making it hard if not outright impossible to pick one with a perfect body that many will agree upon. Regardless of the puzzling question, there are very few women that anyone would deny they have the perfect body.

When the word perfect and body are used in the same sentence, then one woman comes to mind that puts the meaning of perfect body to shame. Her name is Roberta.


Built like a Greek goddess, from top to bottom, Roberta is a head-turner. There aren’t many London escorts in the Escorts/Adult industry that could say they have what it takes to compete with this little minx.

Roberta is a size ten bisexual brunette that stands at five point seven feet tall. She speaks English, Greek, and Spanish and is of Eastern European descent. She is considered a Top girl on Top Secrets Escorts, and she is quite on demand. There is plenty to say about her, but very little of it will do her real justice outside of presenting her in her full glory.

Flawless skin

Her skin is the definition of flawless and makes you want to lick every square inch of her.


While beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, Roberta seems to defy that notion as her beauty knows no bounds. From her beautiful piercing gaze to her long flowing black hair, everything about her commands attention.

Dimpled smile

Roberta has a perfect and easy smile that is complemented by a cute dimple that makes her infectious. Her luscious lips are full and taunting, daring you to draw closer and claim them.


Roberta youthful bosom is full of two perky wonders that constantly test your inhibitions just so you can feel them pressed firmly against your chest.


At 20 years old, her body is prime and built for sin. This shows through her youthful looks that promise firmness. Her young body exudes fertility and innocence that brings out your inner “caveman” tendencies.

Delectable ass

Finally, and most importantly is her heart-shaped ass that sends your imagination into an endless cycle of yearning and curiosity.


The perfect woman in the London escort services has many things that make her desirable and borderline irresistible. Escorts like Roberta drive both men and women mad with a thirst that is hardly quenchable by anything else. She is a London escort with the perfect body.

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